Harness Powerful Tracking Technologies

Gain Real-Time Visibility Across Your Hospital with Wireless Tracking Solutions

Real-Time Visibility Into What?

  • Assets →

    Equipment, supplies, lab specimens, records, parts, etc.


    CheckEquipment Availability & Utilization

    CheckLoss Prevention

    CheckInventory Management

    CheckWorkflow Automation

  • People →

    Patients, visitors and staff



    CheckPatient Flow

    CheckStaff Productivity 

    CheckWorkflow Automation

    CheckWandering Patient

  • Environment →

    Patients, visitors and staff



    CheckRegulatory and Safety Compliance

    CheckPatient Comfort

    CheckInventory Management

Wireless Tracking Technologies Empower Proper Workflow Automation

Mainspring's RTLS and RFID Solutions are Customized to Address Unique Workflow Issues

Step 1.

Diagnose Workflow Inefficiencies

Step 2.

Prescribe a Unique Solution


Step 3.

Deliver Hospital- Wide Results


We start by identifying the specific business issues hospitals are trying to address, then dive into operations to find the root cause of inefficiency. Once we know the underlying problem, we prescribe a solution custom tailored to the unique organization.
Now, enter our Six-Sigma Blackbelts to create lean workflows, and Tech Gurus to help select the appropriate complimenting technology. We use the right mix of software and tracking systems to optimize each  investment.
Mainspring goes far beyond design and implementation. Our team works closely with hospitals after go-live to deliver successful and measurable results.

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Choosing From Mainspring Technologies

  • Real Time Location System →

    Active, Real-Time Location Devices


    CheckClinical Grade Technology

    CheckFast, Easy Deployment

    CheckSub-room Level and Zonal Coverage

  • Radio Frequency Identification →


    Passive Radio-Frequency Identification Device Systems


    CheckEquipment Utilization

    CheckMulti-Use Passive RFID Platform

    CheckSub-room Level and Zonal Coverage

    CheckImpinj platform - RAIN RFID tag chips, readers and connectivity software

  • Global Positioning System →

    Radio navigation system


    CheckSeamless Integration

    CheckAble to Track Across Facilities

Discover Mainspring's Unique Approach to Tracking

Tracking solutions are no silver bullet. There are countless examples of hospital tracking systems being orphaned after millions of dollars were invested, all because the underlying workflow issues were not addressed. Mainspring's unique approach ensures successful deployment, sustainability and measurable savings. 
1"How Many Tags Do You Want?"
Most tracking system providers are more focused on selling hardware than understanding the root cause of the problem and workflow needed to correct it. 
Workflow and Results Focused
Ensure that any workflow issues are addressed + The right tracking technologies = LEAN solution with a fast ROI.
"This Makes it Easy for Nursing to Find Stuff!"
Tracking systems are typically used as a Band-Aid to help nursing search for missing equipment or patients - things that are missing because workflow is (still) broken.
Improve Service Levels to Nursing
Mainspring's approach is to fix the root cause of the problem and put automated workflow in place to ensure that clinicians have what they need, when they need it, to deliver the best care possible. 
Deluge of Data
Tracking systems can create seemingly infinite amounts of data. Unfortunately, most organizations don't have a team of analysts available to sift through it on a real-time basis to help in decision making. 
Manage by Exception
By automating workflow and having transparency across patients, staff, equipment and supplies, Mainspring's operations platform uses the data to identify issues that need staff's attention - and ensures that action is taken.