Provide a Safe Environment for Patients and Staff

Ensure That Your Hospital is Always Safe and in Compliance

  • Picture1Control

    Centralize and Automate Hospital Safety Requirements, such as: 

    Roundings and Inspections

    Equipment and Facility Readiness

    Environmental Monitoring

    Infection Control Equipment ePHI

  • Picture2Catch

    Automated rules & alerts to manage by exception

    Custom rules engine
    Easy ad-hoc logging of issues
    Scheduling & distribution of rounds
    Real time creation of alerts & notifications

  • Picture3Comply

    Closed-loop tracking to monitor requirements through completion

    Automate task assignment & dispatch
    Real time status updates
    Automated escalation
    Real time dashboards & reporting

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Why Mainspring's Safety & Compliance Solution is Better
Decentralized, Paper-based
Most compliance efforts are managed at the site or department level, resulting in data silos, or in some cases, notebooks full of forms.
Automated Workflow, Centralized Information
Mainspring's workflow automation platform makes it easy to centrally manage and track all safety rounding and compliance activities across the enterprise. 
Open-ended Processes
Safety issues and compliance activities are identified and assigned, but there is no visibility into what, if any, action was taken. 
Closed-loop, Error-proof System
Mainspring's solution automatically catches potential compliance violations, notifies the appropriate staff and monitors activity to ensure that the issue is addressed. 
Manual ePHI Management
IT and medical devices with patient information are tracked manually. Meeting HIPAA requirements at end-of-life is labor intensive and prone to errors. 
Controlled Environment
Mainspring's solution makes it easy to manage all compliance requirements and staff responsibilities
Very Little Transparency or Accountability
Manual, decentralized processes make it difficult to know the current level of compliance. And when there is no visibility into compliance, staff are not held accountable. 
100% Visibility & Staff Accountability 
Mainspring's solution provides complete visibility into all safety and compliance activities at the worker level, making it easy to track performance and productivity. 
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