Hospital Equipment Maintenance Software

No software provider in healthcare has won more awards for their Maintenance Software (CMMS)

Get to Know the Mainspring CMMS Family

Mainspring's Asset Manager Version 5 family of solutions features a highly intuitive structure, a refined look and feel and MyVue configurable homepage to simplify your life and improve your team's productivity. Version 5 extends our industry leading functionality and data integrity, while giving our clients the ability to access the application from virtually anywhere via Mainspring's world-class hosting facility or their intranet. Check out the three levels of our CMMS family.

Service Contract Management (vendors, assets, types, notifications) Parts (inventory and non inventory, PM Kits, parts forecasting and purchasing) Integration (RTLS, EMR, ADT, ERP, Parts, and more)

Multiple locations, increased scalability and additonal modules such as Advanced Reporting and mobile applications like Mainspring iGotIt native iOS application.

Asset Inventory (information, histories, warranties) Work Orders (basic corrective and preventattive maintenance management) Service Requests (web based request system)

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Hospital Equipment Maintenance Software


Constantly improving our tools to make your lives easier

Enterprise capabilities for more comprehensive asset management

Cloud-based mobility and open API connectivity
Mainspring CMMS Solutions Help Our Clients Achieve...
Asset Hierarchy Control
Keep track of your assets, locations and total cost of ownership by connecting equipment, location and costs in a structured hierarchy - not in separate data "segments" 
Compliance Control
Track all of your compliance requirements and results. Receive automatic notifications if an issue is found with an asset or your Environment of Care.
Productivity Control
Give your team all of the tools and visibility they need to deliver on your internal SLAs, ensure client satisfaction and consistently achieve compliance levels. 
Materials Control
Monitor parts and materials across multiple storerooms, hospitals and more, set reorder levels, generate purchase requests and punch out directly to leading parts suppliers.
Budget Control
Automate the key pieces of your budgeting process including workfload and parts forecasting.
Why Mainspring's CMMS is better

Developed over more than 20 years with the help of some of the top healthcare providers in the world, our CMMS is specifically designed to automate hospital operations
OSFAOne size fits all
CMMS systems are often designed to meet the needs of the least challenging organizations; which leaves more forward thinking hospitals cold.
fCFlexible and configurable
Mainspring's CMMS matches capabilities with your departmental business needs to ensure you have everything you need, from simple to challenging.
Healthcare - sure, we do healthcareH
Most CMMS providers come from outside of healthcare and expect you to force fit your workflow into a product designed for manufacturing or IT.

Born and Raised in a hospitalborn

Mainspring's CMMS was originally designed over 20 years ago for asset management in a complex IDN hospital environment - and we have stayed true ever since.

Data is what happens when you close a work orderdata
Most CMMS providers look at data as an unpleasant by-product of the most basic work order and service functionality. 
Information is the key to the kingdominformation
At Mainspring, we designed our system knowing that the data you generate - and the ability to leverage that data into improving operations - is the key to your success. 
Key CMMS Modules...

ecEnterprise Control
Real time performance, planning and productivity KPIs at your fingertips, for your entire enterprise, not just a segment of it.

acAsset Control
Complete Asset Inventory across multiple sites and departments in a single database, including asset information, histories, and warranties.

woWork Orders
Simply create, edit, assign, track compliance, and view history for all of your team and vendor work.

scmService Contracts Management
Real time visibility into contract value, status, performance, and renewal timing.

pmParts and Materials
Total control of your parts inventory, forecasting, par levels, restocking, and purchase requests.

spmScheduling for Preventative Maintenance, Inspections, and Rounds
The most comprehensive scheduling engine in the business. Keep it simple or schedule by any of thousands of configurable options.

pcProcedures and Checklists
Basic or interactive checklists to ensure procedure compliance, tracking, and visibility.

moreAnd so much more...
Web requester, purchase requests, replacement planning, disposition. 


...and More

Productivity on the go with native apps for iOS, Android, and other mobile platforms.

Service Performance
Tie into Service Performance Management for total control of work requests and escalations through completion to ensure high levels of satisfaction.

Link to key systems such as:

  • ERP
  • EMR
  • ADT

Professional Services
Our experts have lead teams in hospitals and can make it easy to change to Mainspring, including:

  • Data Conversion
  • Workflow Mapping
  • Configuration
  • Implementation
  • Training