Manage Equipment Inventory and Logistics

Manage Assets From the Moment of Purchase, Through the End of It's Useful Life 


Enterprise Asset Lifecycle Management


Mainspring's Lifecycle Solution

Mainspring provides a full spectrum of equipment, service and asset management solutions to ensure that, as a healthcare provider, you spend as little as possible on your capital equipment and fixed assets throughout their entire lifecycle.  

From simple-to-use software applications to comprehensive managed services solutions, our experience is your advantage.

Enterprise Asset Management

Only Mainspring's End-to-End Solution offers total lifecycle control

Hospital Operational Challenges

1388804442_Remove Poor availability & increasing wait times
1388804442_Remove Limited visibility into cleaning & compliance
1388804442_Remove No chain of custody from purchase through disposition
1388804442_Remove Skyrocketing service costs
1388804442_Remove No asset tie out with financial asset register
The Benefits of Mainspring

1389045175_Check Unified platform across the lifecycle
1389045175_Check Centralized control for improved availability & utilization
1389045175_Check Unified service management across departments
1389045175_Check Minimized total cost of ownership of all assets
1389045175_Check Tie into other systems to avoid data silos
"Yeah...we do Asset Management."
To many vendors, asset management means a financial register, a basic work order system or a bunch of RTLS tags.
1389233756_475341-groupTrue Asset Management
Mainspring's EAM integrates full lifecycle visibility and control of your assets with a comprehensive service performance platform and ties into your financial systems.
1“Enterprise?  Sorta…”
Many vendors approach lifecycle management of your assets as a financial transaction, and once the equipment arrives on the dock, it's someone else's problem.
5Real Lifecycle Control
Tying your assets' lifetime operational information into your financial history allows your organization to reduce costs and make smarter decisions.
2 “Welcome to Silo-Town.”
Most software providers see data only as a necessity to run their applications.
5Data is the Key to the Kingdom
At Mainspring, we designed our system knowing the ability to leverage your data across departments and silos and into improving operations - is key to your success.


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