Operational Decision Support

Automated business logic can drive effective workflow supported by powerful dashboards and reporting

Mainspring's Operational Decision Support Platform

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Control Panel - Active Controls
Control all of your service response times - including vendors and outsourcers - to ensure internal and external compliance with Performance Requirements.
Every solution we offer includes configurable dashboards for real-time visibility and control of your key business processes.
iSeeitiSeeIt - Active Mapping
Track all of your assets - including active and passive tagged and untagged assets - and launch closed-loop requests across service departments.
Business_intelligenceBusiness Intelligence
Proprietary business intelligence engine for even deeper analysis.
Mainspring applies business logic to real-time information on location, status, par levels and more to drive operational decisions. 


Your solution is only as good as the information you can get out of it.  Our comprehensive reporting platform ensures that you can get what you need. 
1394068024_communicationIntegration Platform
Exchange data between applications and equipment in real-time to breakdown data silos and ensure that everyone has the information they need to keep operations working smoothly.
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Why Mainspring’s Operational Decision Support is Better

1389834655_icon-alert "Pay attention, I just sent you an alert!"
Most rules engines offer only limited ability to deliver alerts with NO ability to ensure that ACTION is taken on any of them – and who doesn’t want some more alerts?
1389834865_Connect_256x256-32Connected and Accountable
Mainspring’s Rules Engine ties into our ServiceLink platform and other workflow solutions to ensure action, results and performance. 
“Enterprise?  Sorta…”
Most software solutions only provide basic reports that can’t aggregate information across departments, workflows and solutions.
 1389834891_Control_PanelEnterprise Visibility and Control
Specifically designed to support complex organizations, all of our solutions provide visibility and control across all of your service departments, workflows and locations.
“Welcome to Silo-Town.”
All of your data lives in specific silos. Want to see an enterprise view?  Get out your Excel…
1389835056_binary-treeAcross Applications and Solutions
Mainspring’s ODS is designed to help you make better operational decisions – regardless of the solution.