Capital Planning and Total Cost Management

Evidence-based decision making to stretch capital and operating budgets

Stop Guessing.
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Mainspring's Planning Solution Makes it Happen

Only Mainspring's solution integrates real-time evidence directly into the capital planning process
Hospital Operational Challenges

1388804442_Remove Overspending on capital assets
1388804442_Remove Physician preference drives speed
1388804442_Remove No evidence to support decision making
1388804442_Remove Broken process for retiring equipment
1388804442_Remove Equipment clogging hallways
Mainspring Benefits

1389045175_Check Redeploy replacement dollars
1389045175_Check Ensure GPO compliance & maximize group buys
1389045175_Check Maximize the total lifetime value of assets
1389045175_Check Collect cash on retired assets
1389045175_Check Track process & ensure compliance across functions
How Capital Planning Works

Apply real-world evidence to stretch your replacement budget
1.  Identify possible replacement needs and submit for evaluation
2.  Evaluate requests against evidence-based data
3.  Review requests with department owners to add context
4.  Submit consolidated equipment replacement recommendation
5.  Launch disposition evaluation process
6.  Recapture maximum value for retired assets

Automatically Track and Trend Your Replacement Data

Compare equipment
performance and
TCO to prioritize
replacement and
maximize value
capture at retirement

Capital Planning Solutions that Drive Value


CERF Software
Aggregates real-time total cost data to prioritize what equipment should be replaced or reallocated


AIR Software
Workflow automation for end-of-life equipment reallocation and disposition


Decision Support Tools
Consolidated view of replacement items and options


From your existing maintenance data and into your capital budgeting software

The Power of Mainspring is in Our Approach

No one else provides everything you need to drive sustainable operational excellence